To examine the images to see whether Venus' statements were credible.

drypoint anadyomene mermaid-like humor

Venus Anadyomene

What's happening at the molecular level may be the key to unlocking the riddle of Venus Anadyomene sudden unexplained pictures, from a cutting-edge-dry-point of a water-emerging mermaid-like beauty.

magical graphic art

Magical abstract art

I saw that there was nothing magical about any large surface by itself and that any such surface revealed at once its derivation from the palette; but through another surface, opposed to it, this surface acquired indeed a magic power, so that its origin on the palette seemed unbelievable at first impression.

Kandinsky, Reminiscence (N. Arnheim, 362).

Not a return to the central role of the artists, but a return to the Venus anadyomene rising from the mundane ocean of art fairs.